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      Special Deals

      Free stand-up paddleboarding lesson

      Kostenloser SUP-Kurs

      When you purchase a new airboard SUP, you will receive a voucher for a free beginner SUP course. 

      Learn different paddling techniques and safety tips from the professionals. Your companion can also take you along for a special price and benefit from the knowledge of our specialist partners.

      Our partners
      BE - Wohlensee: BigSUP ( To the course list )
      BE - Brienzersee: SUP-Brienzersee (Infos)
      LU - Hallwilersee: Siri Sports (Infos)
      ZG - Zugersee: Airboard (Infos)
      GL - Walensee: SUP-Swiss (Infos)
      ZH - Rhein, Eglisau-Rüdlingen: Sportegge Alder ( Info )

      Other locations upon request

      When purchasing your SUP, choose the course as a voucher

      The offer can only be redeemed in Switzerland and is valid when purchasing a new airboard SUP.
      (excluding used cars and special offers)

      Seasonal rental / partial payment

      Saisonmiete / Teilzahlung

      Would you like to try the trend sport Stand Up Paddling this summer?
      Not sure which SUP is right for you?
      Do you want to switch to a sportier model if necessary?

      ...Then we have exactly the right thing for you:

      Seasonal rental with board change from 279.–
      and after 3 seasons the SUP is yours.

      More info here

      Free SUP Sail

      Kostenloses SUP Segel

      When purchasing an Airboard SUP on our website, you will receive a free SUP sail.

      If you want to take advantage of this offer, simply add the sail to your SUP order and it will be automatically added for free in your cart.

      (excluding special promotions and occasions)

      Here is the link to the SUP sail.