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      Rent a Snow-Bodyboard

      Some destinations rent the Snow-Bodyboard on site. You can also use the air sledge for your individual excursions rent directly from us. We will ship the snow bodyboard to you within 1-2 days.

      Bodyboard Tours

      At guided tours you will learn the most important characteristics of the Snow-Bodyboard. But even without instruction, this winter sport is very easy to learn. Most people get the hang of it in just 20 minutes.
      For Groups and corporate events we offer individual offers.

      A special treat are freeride descents over freshly snow-covered slopes. You will enjoy the descent even more if you have managed the ascent on your own with snowshoes. Once at the top, swap the Airboard for your snowshoes and off you go.

      Snow-Bodyboarding rules

      To ensure that you are safe with the snow bodyboard, there are a few rules to follow. You will receive the rules and other tips here.

      The Bodyboard Destination 

      There is worldwide countless destination where you can ride and rent the inflatable sled. In the Alpine countries in particular, such as Switzerland, Austria and parts of southern Germany and France, there are various options for sledging with a guide or on your own, or enjoying a descent in powder snow. But Scandinavia also offers various possibilities with Norway and Sweden. 
      You can find an overview of slopes in Switzerland here.

      Bodyboard Manual & Isopin

      Our Snow-Bodyboard Manual offers you an overview of our range as well as instructions for use and care. We have also provided various repair instructions for you. Since 2022 all snow bodyboards have an Isopin. The QR code on the handle offers you services, instructions and a Product Registration where you benefit from a 3-year guarantee.