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      Airboard Accessories

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      Slide-In Finne
      CHF 39.00
      Dry Bag 10l Dry Bag 10lOn Sale
      CHF 19.00 CHF 24.00
      Airboard SUP Seat Airboard SUP Seat
      CHF 149.00
      SUP-Paddle Alu
      CHF 89.00
      SUP Pflegeset
      CHF 29.00
      Wheel Bag Wheel BagOn Sale
      CHF 89.00 CHF 149.00
      SUP Repair Kit
      CHF 29.90
      FullZip Bag FullZip BagOn Sale
      CHF 45.00 CHF 98.00
      Airboard Travel Bag Airboard Travel BagOn Sale
      CHF 99.00 CHF 129.00
      Gepäckband SUP Gepäckband SUP
      CHF 15.00
      SUP Cover SUP Cover
      CHF 49.90